Hakone Doll House Museum

We work with fibers, creating needle felt sculptures and accessories in all scales. 

One of our favorite lines is our Story Book Series, where we celebrate characters from children's books.

We also teach needle felt workshops and make custom pet sculptures.

​​Fairies & Fairyscapes


Fairyscape exhibit in the Hakone Doll House Museum (2018)

Orreries are mechanical models of the solar system.

Executed in a steampunk style, our delightful orreries are not always traditional. After all, fairyland has its own system!

Featured Works 

As Miniaturists, our passion is in the details. We create fairyscapes using our own elegant fairies, components and settings.

Depending on the venue, we offer both finished scenes and components to create your own scape.

All of our work is unique and the detail is exquisite.