​Getting Started

We frequently get asked "how do I get started needle felting?" Here is some of the information we cover in class, and a  NEEDLE FELT BASICS pattern. Please respect that the pattern is complimentary and for personal use only.

Needle Felt - Quick Start


  • Needles. Look closely at the needle. The barbs are formed to felt on the way in, not on the way out.
  • Foam Pad. You’ll use the foam pad for felting flats and as protection from stabbing yourself with the needle. It doesn’t stay clean and it will degrade, so replace it when necessary. (Use a foam pad specifically designed for needle felting; all others degrade too quickly and contaminate the felted piece with debris)
  • Roving. The roving has scales on it, and the scales are what connect together when poked to form felt.


  • Designations. T is for Triangle and S is for Star. The number is the size of the needle – the higher the number, the finer the needle.
  • Select needles based on the type of wool and stage of the project. Generally, larger needles are for quick shaping and coarse wool. Smaller needles are for details, finish work and fine wool.


  • The needles used in needle felting are VERY sharp, barbed and brittle. You must watch what you’re working on or you will pierce your finger.
  • Always take the needle straight in and straight out, don’t ever bend it. If you do, it will snap. (Avoid "sewing" motions)
  • Never use the tip of the needle to pry at debris in the roving. It will snap.
  • Do not put pressure with your finger against the side of the needle at an angle. It will break the needle.
  • If you prefer to hold your sculpture while you needle it, keep your holding hand in a wide “C” shape, not in a closed or “U” shape.

More About Our Needle Felt

Needle felting is the process of "poking" dry wool with a special barbed needle to felt fibers together. We specialize in sculptures, in all scales. We teach needle felt workshops across the Midwest at shows, shops and for groups. Please contact us if your group is interested!

Some of our favorite things to felt are fairy tales and storybook characters, and we also felt pets, 1:12 scale toys, rugs, pillows and much, much more. All of our work is unique - we do not use patterns. We do, however, create patterns of some of our pieces. All our patterns are full color, step-by-step instruction and they are available at shows or by contacting us. 

A limited number of needle felt sculptures are available for purchase at shows.