Needle Felt Border Collie

This miniature piece is 2.5" tall. She is needle felted in New Zealand Corriedale wool with soft Merino wool for the glossy black coat. Her owner provided the pictures and sent this message when she received the sculpture:

"Tracey - WOW! I just picked her up last night, and OMG! She is beautiful. It looks just like [my dog], and you did an awesome job. Way beyond my expectations! I love her! Thank you soooooo much!"

We sure love getting feedback like that. Thanks!

Poodle Grooming

This little piece was a gift for a groomer. The standing poodle is in a tub of water and all the bath accessories (which we made) are on hand: sponge bucket, towels, shampoo, rubber ducky grooming book, toy leash and collar. His buddy, already done and fluffy, sits and observes the whole process.

Rock 'n Roll Fairy

This piece was commissioned as a birthday present for a young teenager. The girl's passions are rock music and fairies. Her favorite colors are hot pink and black and her own hair is long and black. She plays the electric guitar and the drums (the fairy is standing on a drum). There is a fairy door for returning to the woodlands and plenty of crystal and sparkle. The piece had to be small enough to hang and durable enough to display.


This piece was commissioned as a Grand Opening gift for a new bakery owner. Housed in a cake plate with dome it's a whimsical scene with a fairy enjoying confections while her poodle hopes for tidbits. We made all the baked goods, table settings pillows and accessories. 

This piece has the further distinction of being featured in American Miniaturist.


Our main selling venue is miniature and art shows. We do two or three a year. We realize this isn't always convenient and encourage you to contact us if there's a piece you've seen at a show or on our website that you're interested in!

We also occasionally accept commissions. If you have something special in mind we'd love to work with you to make it. Below are a few of our commission pieces. They are quite diverse which is the fun of special requests!